User Experience

Designing Engaging Applications-

We believe user centric design allows better adoption enterprise wide and user satisfaction. Open Analytics ensures every application built is easy to use and not over engineered. The benefits integration of UI design principles include:

• Reduced training

• Avoiding unnecessary product features also called FATWARE

• Simplifying design documentation and customer-facing technical documentation

• Expediting design and development through detailed and properly conceived guidelines

• Incorporating business and marketing goals while catering to the user

Usability Testing :: Providing ability to perform application testing remotely with different user profiles


User Personas –

Many applications are designed poorly due to lack of understanding user behaviors, defining user personas identifies audience for the application. Open Analytics ensures every project/design takes into consideration user preferences and assists companies defining their user profiles. Open Analytics uses myriad of techniques including stakeholder interviews, focus groups, surveys to deliver comprehensive user profiles and site evaluations.

Information Architecture –

Information architecture is the categorization of information into a coherent structure. Open Analytics team has experience in compiling large amounts of data sets and drawing insights to business users. Our goal is to provide long-term road map to manage large amounts of structured and un-structured content. We consider each client’s long-term vision and goals to determine tools and processes required to manage information across organization.

Wireframes and Prototypes -

Wireframes and Prototyping allow end users and designers to validate requirements and identify design challenges early in product development. These techniques allow teams to fail early and cheap, which allows mitigate risks to deliver well designed product. Open Analytics teams advocates allocating time to do prototyping as part of any development effort, we take advantage of tools like Axure or iRise, to build prototypes for our clients.

Visual Design -

Open Analytics collaborates with our clients to design software solutions using user centric design. Our team is equipped to design and implement applications using wide variety of programming languages and tools available in the industry.