Business Intelligence – Enabling the Insight-driven Organization

Implementing a new BI strategy, improving an existing BI implementation, or assessing the value that BI can bring to your organization we can help you architect a comprehensive BI program throughout the entire enterprise. Open Analytics helps clients in implementation of Pervasive Business Intelligence solutions, leveraging Depth & Breadth of Expertise and Total Customer Commitment to deliver real value.

UI/UX Designing Engaging Applications-

We believe user centric design allows better adoption enterprise wide and user satisfaction. Open Analytics ensures every application built is easy to use and not over engineered.

Software Development – Building User Centric Applications

Whether creating new application/product, enhancing existing software, or upgrading existing system we can help you build and support software development needs for the entire enterprise. We combine business/user centered design with iterative development in an approach that delivers great user experience, working software every 2-4 weeks, and the ability to adapt to changing business requirements.