Business Intelligence Advisory

Enabling the Insight-driven Organization

Implementing a new BI strategy, improving an existing BI implementation, or assessing the value that BI can bring to your organization we can help you architect a comprehensive BI program throughout the entire enterprise. Open Analytics helps clients in implementation of Pervasive Business Intelligence solutions, leveraging Depth & Breadth of Expertise and Total Customer Commitment to deliver real value.

Open Analytics has helped organizations increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes through better decisions in the following areas:

Enterprise Analytics :: Customer interactions and trends
Sales Analytics :: Full pipeline visibility for accurate forecasting
Service and Contact Center Analytics :: Service trends to drive efficiency gains and lower costs
Marketing Analytics :: Campaign results and ROI
Financial Analytics :: Intra-period information on financial statement conditions without having to perform consolidations or wait for books to close
Healthcare Analytics :: Healthcare analytics focused on delivering value to Patient, Provider and Payer
Click stream Analytics :: Web analytics to improved customer experience and increase visits to order conversion ratio


BI Strategy – A Strong BI Foundation

Our BI consultants understand that obtaining high quality information requires a combination of technology/tools, process improvements, and data quality standards. Having an overall plan based on broad knowledge and deep technical experience ensures that you will attack the highest return opportunities first with the least amount of execution risk.

Roadmaps – Establishing Optimal BI Path

Roadmaps define project phases, timelines, resources, and activities that will be required to implement your BI solution, delivering a cost-effective, rapid, and clear picture of your tactical approach to BI. This roadmap also provides documented and defined descriptions of tools, system changes, process changes, data quality activities, and resulting culture changes.

Architecture – Optimizing Your BI System Framework

Open Analytics will identify: how data would optimally be accessed from your data source systems; whether or not to centralize data; how technology and business processes will convert data into intelligent information; how information will be delivered to your users; what tools will be needed to administer the solution and to improve data quality; and the infrastructure required to support end to end solution.

Solution Design – A Comprehensive BI Solution Approach

Whether your solution requires implementation of 3rd party technologies, changes to your existing systems, new custom tools, or any combination of these, Open Analytics technical and functional BI consultants come prepared to deliver a comprehensive business and system solution.


Business Intelligence Implementation -

Open Analytics helps clients develop the technology, infrastructure, and processes necessary to enable organizations to more efficiently analyze their data and thus make better business decisions. Our services span the entire life-cycle of business intelligence implementation:

Data Warehouse Development

The data warehouse is the foundation of your business intelligence system. As such, a well thought out data model is critical. Open Analytic’s consultants have years of experience dedicated solely to developing business intelligence systems with flexible and scalable data warehouses as their foundation.

Data Integration and Management

After the data warehouse has been created, it must be populated with data. This is referred to extract, transform, and load or ETL. Development of a sound process for moving data from source systems to the data warehouse is a critical step in any business intelligence implementation. Open Analytic’s consultants are experts in not only working with traditional transactional source systems but unstructured and semi-structured sources as well.

Reporting, Analysis, and Analytic Applications

Reporting and analysis capabilities are the reason you invest in business intelligence software. Whether your objective is to create reports for the executive team, provide an analysis client to a team of business analysts, or deploy an analytic application for a specific business function.