Today, the backbone of companies—big, small and across sectors—is data. More and more information is being electronically tracked at increasingly faster speeds, resulting in massive amounts of data that are getting larger and larger by the second. The important distinguishing factor among companies is data analytics. Companies that leverage big data effectively will pull ahead. Those that do not will fall behind or will be leapfrogged by new data pioneering entrants.

Open Analytics believes that there is always significant value to unlock in data. For the last 15 years, we have been building enhanced applications and deriving value from large, unwieldy data sets. We make big data manageable, transparent and usable, with an emphasis on understanding your business processes and goals first. Our applications facilitate real-time reporting and seamless integration of data from multiple sources.



We custom build applications that are suited for your data environment, current and desired capabilities, workflows, business logic and more. Our applications are dexterous and can easily evolve to support your growing business and changing needs down the road. We never force-fit data into preexisting structures or established frameworks. Your data is your own one-of-a-kind fingerprint, the DNA of your organization, and we build data networks that uniquely serve you.


  • Clearer data visualization and trend analysis across sources
  • Collection of more accurate and detailed performance data on everything from AR days to product reviews, revealing variability and performance improvement opportunities
  • Enhanced consumer insights enabling improved customer service, customer acquisition and product development strategies
  • Broadened use of data across your organization, allowing functions and departments to leverage data in new and improved ways
  • Improved predictive data modeling


Open Analytics is committed to ensuring the right team is in place to manage all new applications. We will help train, hire and empower your staff so that your organization is fully self-sustainable. We are also always available to tailor reports and outputs based on your evolving needs, innovations and competition. Just ask, and we’ll create what you need with honest timeline estimates and data requirements.